Peter’s Quote for the Day – Uncertainty.


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Certainty or Uncertainty?

In my life I find the only true certainty is uncertainty; certainty is this moment now, nanoseconds later it becomes uncertainty. The reason for this is because what I was certain of nanoseconds ago is past. Past is linked to time and as time is an illusion, the past certainty I had is NOW an illusion. I went to a store to collect supplies. Everything was as I was certain to find it would be.

The following week I made my usual trip to the same store and it was gone! For a split second, I thought I might be hallucinating. But there it was – gone. I noticed by this time, huge boards stating that we were going to have a brand new store in a few months. Point taken, what was certain last week is no more this week. As a result, I live with uncertainty as my certainty, and I’m comfortable with this state.

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