Hello Folks, please bear with me – I am updating this site as I go along, which may lead to confusion. I hope to make some sense of it all as soon as I can. Thank you for your support.

Did anyone ever say this to you, “You have had such an interesting life; why don’t you write a book?” Many people said these words to me. One of them being a journalist.

Many years went by before I decided to ‘write a book.’ When I look back today, I must smile at the many attempts I made to write a book. Every attempt ended up in failure. I cannot remember how many
times I tried, but there were many.

One day my wife asked me what a blog was all about. ‘I have no idea.’ was my response. I immediately began to research blogging and became hooked!

Blogging has turned out to be one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. I make this statement because it taught me about writing. Over the years, it has been an exciting experience as I look back over some 500 articles I have posted (I have two sites), and I am delighted!

Did I ever get to writing a book? Yes, I did. Not about my exciting life but a book of short stories. I published this book and went on to write three non-fiction self-help books. My memoires are shortly to

The blog site we are on is the original that has now had a facelift and name change. The reason for this is simple; I want to help those who desire to ‘write a book.’

Whether short stories, a novel, a biography, or maybe non-fiction, whatever you want to write – we’ll do it together.

I’m working on the site and preparing it as the base from which those who have dreams to fulfill can blast off from here.

While we wait for site completion, feel free to complete the form on the ‘contact ‘page, and let’s discuss your dreams. I give you this public undertaking that I will never use your details outside our communication
or spam you with any advertising.



All articles published on this site, apart from re-blogged pieces are: © 2023 Peter-James Pienaar. All rights reserved.




2 responses to “Home”

  1. Love this photo of you sitting at your desk! So much goodness flowing from your pen. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you! In the meantime, please know how much your enCOURAGEment on our blog means to us, your audience and friends. Have a wonderful lucky fun joyous start to March! 🍀


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