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  • Writing Love-Bite

    You can write any time people will leave you alone and not interrupt you. Or rather you can if you will be ruthless enough about it. But the best writing is certainly when you are in love. Ernest Hemingway I can vouch for Ernest Hemingway’s statement. I know well what it’s like to be left…

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  • Spirituality-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Spirituality-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Feature Picture Brett Jordan Upsplash.com Spirituality is, at the very least, a mystery. At worst, it can be slavery. While conforming to the ways of the universe is rewarding, slavery to human interpretations of spirituality can destroy my freedom and joy. I find it fascinating; the more I discover about myself, the more there is…

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  • Flexible-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Flexible-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Feature Photo Mary Kapka Upsplash.com. I have an ordered but flexible life. I live this lifestyle for no other reason than my personal comfort. To be flexible is to come away from slavery to orderliness. Achievement is like a person who sees an opportunity, seizes it with both hands, placing it into the wardrobe of…

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  • Experiences-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Experiences-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Feature Photo by Mark König Upsplash.com I have had immeasurable experiences over the years of my life. And as I reflect on these I realize none of them were ever the same. As a result, they taught me, that each of my experiences, no matter how small, were of individual significance. Accepting responsibility for all…

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  • Rainbows-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Rainbows-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Feature Photo by Gerhard Kupfer Upsplash.com Have you ever wondered why you can never catch rainbows? Heaven knows I tried many times. Finally, the truth hit home; rainbows always disappear as mysteriously as they arrive. The most wonderful part is though, I am always left with a strong sense of promise that better times are…

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  • Choices-Four Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Choices-Four Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Feature Photo by Elena Mozhvilo upsplash.com Mind Your Choices Our choices are not the only initiators of consequences in our lives. Sometimes we are victims of circumstances created by others. However, our choices will become critical in how we deal with these. What if events initiated by others were, in fact, an opportunity in a…

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  • Plan-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Plan-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Feature Photo Brett Jordan Upsplash.com What You Plan Is Not Always Best I do not become concerned if what I plan does not eventuate, as most times the right one replaces it. If I believe that everything in my life benefits me, irrespective of what it is, I will be rich. In my life I…

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  • Universe Rules-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Universe Rules-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Feature Photo by Guillermo Ferlags upsplash.com Time You Moved With The Universe. The universe is ever moving, she breathes and sleeps as she moves. All within her must move with her there is no other option. I learned everything in the universe has a place and a season. Each season arriving in its correct place…

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  • Years of Joy-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Years of Joy-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Feature Photo sirpeterjames.com Let The Years Roll On. While my body stopped growing a long time ago, yet my mind continues to grow. There are no limits to my mind’s growth; this is a miracle. I will foster this growth until I leave the planet. I have had plenty of struggles in my life. It…

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  • Fire In The Heart-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Fire In The Heart-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Feature Photo by Zach Vessels upsplash.com Douse The Fire Of Anger In Your Heart. Do not allow the fire of your anger to blaze for those who hurt you in the past. This fire will destroy you. Douse the flames by accepting that their hurts helped to make you the person you are. A person…

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