• Part 2 in ‘Series Stories’

    Part 2 in ‘Series Stories’

    As promised, the second in the stories series is now available. Click on the ‘Armageddon button below and you can enjoy the second of a three part story. If you’ve just joined us and want to continue with the series stories, then click the ‘submission’ button at the bottom of this page and you will […]

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  • Something New – Read a Story In ‘Series Stories’

    Something New – Read a Story In ‘Series Stories’

    I have decided to publish a series of stories for those who visit my site. This first story is a re-vamped version of the first chapter of my book. In this series, three parts will be published successively over a period of 9 weeks. In other words, one publication every 3 weeks. Below this page, […]

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  • Site Name Change-Important Notice

    Site Name Change-Important Notice

    Site Name change: For all those that have followed me over the last six years, I want to let you know that I am changing the name to: let-me-write-for-you.com from sirpeterjames.com. In the last year, I have published a book of short stories, “Eerie stillness and Other Short Stories,” and written three non-fiction books. This […]

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  • Newspaper Scandal

    Newspaper Scandal

    Feature Photo by abolfazl shaker – Upsplash.com. Newspaper Scandal It’s seven, giving me an hour before hitting the trail to my factory. during this time of the day, I’m alone, quiet, my local newspaper lying on the twelve-seater table in the breakfast room. A crackling log fire burning, the smell of Canadian Pine from the […]

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  • The Lion

    The Lion

    The lion was a beast of gigantic proportions, yellow mane blowing in the cool breeze. His tail shaking its tufted end looked like a knobkerrie. A snarl revealed two rows of razor-sharp teeth as his fetid breath wafted through my mosquito net. I shouted or screamed, not sure which. Grabbing my pillow and making a […]

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  • Fork in The Road

    Fork in The Road

    When we reach a fork in the road ahead, we are forced to decide: Which road do I take? As surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, so will the fork in the road appear tomorrow. Often it appears many times in the day. When faced with this decision, we have two choices; take the […]

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  • Willy Chased Becky

    Willy Chased Becky

    Short Fiction Children’s Story – Adventure4 min Calgary Public Library – Story Lovingly, Willie by author Monika R Martyn, available online since 25 days and 17 hours – Willie chased Becky; she – Short Édition (short-edition.com) Monika R Martyn Monika R. Martyn is retired, married, happy, and a minimalist. She has been published in numerous print […]

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  • The Cheat-Clover and Atlas

    The Cheat-Clover and Atlas

    Feature Photo by Hannah Myers “Atee, it’s Clover. You got a minute?”  “Sounds serious, everything okay?”  “Atee, we need to meet.” The sea breeze forced its way into the telephone booth and beach sand stung her legs. “I’m fine, but we need to talk.” “Something wrong Clover?” “Nothing’s wrong. Look Atee if I called asking […]

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  • Vince-The Plan

    Vince-The Plan

    Feature Photo by Upsplash.com This is the plan, the chickens coming to roost, Vince thought. Wind buffeted the late night; it began to drizzle, the cold drops spattering onto Vince’s face. Under the lamppost, he cut a ghostly figure. “Hi, Vince.” “You’re late!” Vince grumbled. “I know. Got laid up at the factory.” Gordon sounded […]

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  • Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Feature Photo by Upsplash.com They lay together in the warmth of their spooned embrace; breathing slowly now, the embers of passion subsiding, she smiled with closed eyes as he held her close. Together they drifted to a cozy misty place of slumber. He wanted to remember that moment forever. Even in his torment of hearing, […]

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