Weekly Word of Wisdom

Too Late?

At 78 years of age, I discovered myself; and the most significant thing was, I realized it wasn’t too late! Too late for what? Well, to discover who I am and what I was capable of achieving!

I don’t think anything in life can be said to be, “too late.” The expression, ‘too late, is linked to time  and as time is an illusion, there is no such a thing as ‘too late.’

Marrianne Williamson

Who says it’s ‘too late’? Why, your Ego of course. Who is my Ego? The Ego is the Bot in your brain,  whose job it is to ensure you don’t perform any actions that could harm you, or cause you to make an idiot out of yourself.

This Bot is wired with a logic that says, ‘What you don’t do won’t harm you right now.’ So, the surest way to stop you is to say, ‘It’s too late’ The result? You stand there watching the back end of the tube train disappearing into the tunnel of Lost Opportunity.

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