The 5 youngest teenagers to score a hat trick in the Europa or Champions League

Elizabeth-Jane Ringrose, through her latter years at high school and her five year degree study at Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg, has been an avid soccer fan.

After her graduation from Wits this year she left to seek her fortune in England.

She remains an avid fan of the soccer world and her ardent writing on the sport attests to this fact.

Your courage and fortitude in reaching your ‘goals’, literally and metaphorically Elizabeth, have placed you in a deserving position for fame and fortune!

My wish is that all who read and follow your writing, will share them with others, so as they may enjoy reading as much as you have the writing.

The archive of Elizabeth-Jane

Scoring a hat trick in any game is a difficult feat unless you’re Messi or Ronaldo who do it for fun. Scoring a hat trick in Europa or the Champions League as a teenager is a highly regarded feat even for Messi and Ronaldo. There are a handful of players that have managed to score hat tricks at a crazy young age in two of the biggest competitions in the world. While us mere mortals were either just finishing up at school or starting at college or university, these young players were scoring hat tricks either in the Champions League or the Europa League.
These were the games that no one will forget and that will be brought up for centuries. Starting from the oldest youngster, here is the list:

5. Marko Pjaca [19 years and 219 days]

Marko Pjaca walked so Joao Felix could run…

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