Every single day, in so many ways, opportunities cross our path. Each time an opportunity happens to reveal itself you have (you guessed it) two choices.

  1. You take the opportunity and run with it.
  2. You let it pass you by.

Taking the opportunity and running with it is obviously the best choice, because letting it pass you by puts you into the place of having ‘lost’ that opportunity, or at best, waiting a long time until it returns.Opportunities 2

If an opportunity greets you and you run with it, you end up with (you guessed it) two results:

  1. The opportunity worked for you and you reaped the fruits.
  2. The opportunity did not work for you and you are now a little wiser.

If opportunity greets you and you let it pass by (you won’t guess this) you’ll have ONE result:

  1. You’ll never know if you would have gained fruit and or wisdom.

Opportunity 3Before we can take this issue any further, we need to get onto the same page in terms of how we see, ‘opportunity’.

To make it quite simple then, let’s say that opportunity is the hope, that whatever crossed our path, is going to benefit us in some way.

The next thing is this: do opportunities come in sizes? For example:

  1. A huge opportunity
  2. A little opportunity.

Let’s settle on this:

  1. An opportunity must do well for me.
  2. Opportunity has no customary size or form.

(Why is it that options always come in two’s)?

The final questions are these:

  1. How do I see an opportunity when it comes my way?
  2. How do I know if the opportunity is going to benefit me?

(Back to the two again)!

  1. Seeing opportunities is a learned skill.
  2. Don’t waste time trying to decide if it’s going to work for you – take it anyway.

Opportunity 3Okaaay, I know you are all looking for quick fix formula….

So, I’ll give it to you then.

  1. Open up an ‘Opportunities’ Journal.
  2. Then divide your page into two, vertically.
  3. On the left side, note opportunities as they occur during your day.
  4. On the right side note those that you take up and run with.

Hooray! we just broke the ‘two’ barrier

Seriously, after a month you will discover that you are taking and making use of opportunities.

You will also see, very plainly, the one’s you have missed!

You will be so much more grateful that in this simple discipline – you have learned not to let opportunities pass you by!

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