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  • Healed-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Healed-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Feature Photo by Diana Polekhina Upsplash.com Have Your Body and Soul Been Healed ? As a young boy arriving home from school upset, my Grandmother would run a hot bath with Eucalyptus Oil sprinkled in it. I was allowed to submerge into the tub for ten minutes. This healed the wounds of my day. I […]

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  • Fire In The Heart-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Fire In The Heart-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Feature Photo by Zach Vessels upsplash.com Douse The Fire Of Anger In Your Heart. Do not allow the fire of your anger to blaze for those who hurt you in the past. This fire will destroy you. Douse the flames by accepting that their hurts helped to make you the person you are. A person […]

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  • Peter’s Quote of The Day

    Peter’s Quote of The Day

    I gathered many wounds along life’s road, some I soon forgot, others stayed for a long time, but each one helped to build the me that I am today. On realizing this, I thanked all the wounds, in addition, those that created them and, over time, forgot all. Feature Photo: Brett Jordan Upsplash.com I love […]

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  • Weekly Word of Wisdom

    Weekly Word of Wisdom

    Importance of Advice In my life advice, mostly not asked for, has arrived frequently on my doorstep, and often in the nick of time. All too often it hails from the strangest quarters. I’m not alone in this unusual process; Robert the Bruce of Scotland was licking his wounds in a cave after being defeated […]

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