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  • Newspaper Scandal

    Newspaper Scandal

    Feature Photo by abolfazl shaker – Upsplash.com. Newspaper Scandal It’s seven, giving me an hour before hitting the trail to my factory. during this time of the day, I’m alone, quiet, my local newspaper lying on the twelve-seater table in the breakfast room. A crackling log fire burning, the smell of Canadian Pine from the…

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  • Sylvia-Rose’s Story – Part Four

    Sylvia-Rose’s Story – Part Four

      What’s Love got to do with it?   They say “self-love is the gateway to happiness”. I’m writing this article under a cloud, yes I told you it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, and recovery is a daily battle. I don’t wake up every morning and feel fantastic, ready to conquer the world. But…

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