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  • Eleanor Lorene Lowe-a Challenge!

    Eleanor Lorene Lowe-a Challenge!

    Feature Photo: sunshine-blogger-award-2020-mental-health-2-3 I had Rather wanted you to share in a challenge for which I was nominated by my dear friend Eleanor Lorene Louwe on her beautiful exhilarating site: ✨ Sunshine Blogger Award ✨ – You Lil Dickens. Unfortunately, due to some vitally important commitments I have at this time, I can’t participate. As […]

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  • The Most Beautiful Garden in the World

    The Most Beautiful Garden in the World

    The most beautiful and dynamic garden in the world is the human mind. In it grow all manner of thoughts. Every imaginable species of thoughts grow there; happily they grow alongside each other; which is quite surprising really, considering how different they all are. Whilst they jostle, like the occupants of any garden, for prominence, […]

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