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  • Visionary-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Visionary-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Feature Photo by Tim Wildsmith Upsplash.com Be A Visionary I was a visionary from young, however in my earliest youth, I was not aware of the fact. Now that I have become aware of being visionary, it explains why I have failed so many times. The trees bend in the storm, because they know they […]

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  • Weekly Words of Wisdom

    Weekly Words of Wisdom

    Dancing Trees Along my life journey, I bend very often in confronting issues I face. I do this as the better option to resisting these issues. I learned this from the trees I see every day outside my window. When a storm moves in with all its ferocity, high winds blowing at an alarming, speed, […]

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  • Why Ireland?

    Ireland is not only a land of great beauty, but also a land steeped in history and folk-lore. Wicklow is the Garden County of Ireland and there is beauty everywhere. Who would have thought of a Fairy forest? Nestled away in a group of trees are little dwellings belonging to Fairy folk. there no instructions […]

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  • Manifesting…..

    A Pick-n-Pay Experience I have often heard that Pick ‘n Pay ran competitions where one could win a month’s worth of groceries and wished I might be a lucky winner. One day, Stella and I were debating as to whether to leave the comfort of our apartment, go out into the cold and do some […]

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  • Children

      Children Harry Martinson 1931   A group of children play here – the wind cleans the sky, the clouds dance. Someone flings rocks, someone helps an ant home, someone throws the hazel spear through a spider’s web; Some caress lovingly – a boy and girl, explore the skin’s smoothness, blush red, feel giddiness, kiss […]

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  • Things learned Along Life’s Way

    The Watcher. I love every day of my life and I am not suggesting, when I make this statement, that my life is easy, but rather and more importantly, my life is beautiful, both when its hard and when its easy. This is how I see my life: My life is a striking garden, filled […]

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