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  • Lifespan-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Lifespan-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Featured Photo by Immo Wegmann upsplash.com It is said that our lifespan is, “Four scores and ten.” This does sound like a long time, but it passes quickly for those of us that set about enjoying every moment of our lifespan. I used to spend ages on the internet searching for ways to find more […]

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  • Christmas-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Christmas-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Feature Photo by Deleece Cook upsplash.com Sometimes messages of encouragement come to us with a bang. Consider the Christmas cracker; you pull, it bangs and hey-ho, out pops an encouraging message on a little piece of paper! Happy Christmas Opportunities always seem to arrive tomorrow for me. This is quite beneficial, as tomorrow the fog […]

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  • Identity-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Identity-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Feature Photo Dainis Graveris Upsplash.com My true identity is me, not the thoughts in my mind. While the thoughts in my mind are placed there by the ego – the speaker, I am the listener. What is most important is how I respond to what I hear. If thoughts engender such things as fear, doubt, […]

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  • Catch-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Catch-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Feature Photo by Vasily Koloda Upsplash.com. My thoughts and actions are not the results of those around me, nor the characters the world idolizes. But rather the wisdom that is given to me to make my own choices. I have come to the realization my dreams are controlled by my thinking. When I think success, […]

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  • Contact-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Contact-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Feature Photo by Miles Burke Upsplash.com I’m so grateful that we have access to the many mediums of contact with one another. The benefits are enormous. Not the least being that while we may be thousands of kilometers apart, we are only a couple of keys away from contact. I am the sole analyst of […]

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  • Emotion-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Emotion-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Feature Picture Tengyart Upsplash.com I have discovered that every emotion I have, has its roots in the thoughts I think. The question is this: to what origin do I owe my thoughts? The next time you feel a strong emotion, particularly an unpleasant one — try to question and excavate details surrounding its origin. Changing […]

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  • Danger-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Danger-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Feature Photo by Raúl Nájera upsplash.com. Escape Danger First In times of danger, I have found that there are two vital functions I must perform. The first is to escape from the danger. The second is to make a hasty decision as to what to do next. I wonder how often I have suffered needlessly […]

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  • Think From Inside-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Think From Inside-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Feature Photo By Belinda Fewings upsplash.com Don’t Think Outside In. For most of my life, I used to think outwardly. By comparison, a wise person thinks from the inside out. Thinking about events outside of me meant all events around me caused my thoughts to react. When I changed my thinking habits, I prepared myself […]

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  • Grief-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Grief-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Feature Photo by Ann Upsplash.com Deal With Your Grief. Grief has been a visitor to my life more times than I can honestly say I am comfortable. I found from my childhood recollections, the night was the worst; fear was my frequent antagonist .Now, in the experience of my adult life, the same antagonist visits […]

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  • Words-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Words-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Feature Brett Jordan Upsplash.com Mind Your Words. I learned to use words with sensitivity. Ancient scripture says, “The tongue has the power of life and death…” namely, what I say, has long term effects which I can never take back. The result is, I never engage my tongue without my sensitivity being in gear. I […]

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