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  • Lockdown – Day Seventy One.

    “The Giant Arises’ ‘Humanity plans, but the universe orders the outcome of these plans.’ It is a most wonderful thing to realize that irrespective of what our governments put into place, only the universe will allow what is beneficial for all humanity, whether this is for today, tomorrow, or forever. I live next to an […]

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  • Lockdown – continued

    We may just be able to end the national lockdown safely and re-start the economy – Alan Knott-Craig BY ALAN KNOTT-CRAIG@GOODTHINGSGUYAPR 7, 2020 70,338 0 Johannesburg, South Africa (7 April 2020) – Alan Knott-Craig wrote an opinion piece that is going viral about how we need to get our minds around why it’s possible to be optimistic about South Africa […]

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