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  • Lifespan-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Lifespan-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Featured Photo by Immo Wegmann upsplash.com It is said that our lifespan is, “Four scores and ten.” This does sound like a long time, but it passes quickly for those of us that set about enjoying every moment of our lifespan. I used to spend ages on the internet searching for ways to find more […]

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  • Weekly Words of Wisdom – Little Irritants.

    Weekly Words of Wisdom – Little Irritants.

    Feature Photo By Brett Jordan Upsplash.com Little Irritants. The other day I woke up to the fact that I allow too many little irritants to spoil the state of peace in my mind. You know the kind; the little Yorkie yapping through the day unceasingly (or so it seems.) The teens next door alternating between […]

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  • Weekly Words of Wisdom – Now Power.

    Weekly Words of Wisdom – Now Power.

    Feature Photo By Brett Jordan Upsplash.com Now Power Who buries their heart in the sands of the past, faces barrenness in their future. At this moment now, time does not exist and I live in a space that is ‘real.’ This allows me to focus on my life as it is and what I’m about […]

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  • Moment of Silence

    Moment of Silence

    Once my hearing was taken from me and I was placed into a space of absolute silence. I could hear nothing, not even the blood rushing against my temples. I watched the people around me, their lips moving as they spoke, smiles on their faces as they laughed. I had no fear, only wonderment as […]

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  • Things learned Along Life’s Way – Part Two

    The Watcher. The Watcher always looks at every aspect of life from a distance, as an observer, if you will. Never becoming caught up in anything, always watching from a distance.

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  • I Had A Dream……

    I Had A Dream……

    I stood in a fitting room, getting measured for my uniform. My uniform, the royal charcoal & burgundy of the prestigious Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways, an airline which has either been best or second best airline of the year for the last eight years. I can’t seem to grasp the fact that I am an […]

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