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  • Healed-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Healed-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Feature Photo by Diana Polekhina Upsplash.com Have Your Body and Soul Been Healed ? As a young boy arriving home from school upset, my Grandmother would run a hot bath with Eucalyptus Oil sprinkled in it. I was allowed to submerge into the tub for ten minutes. This healed the wounds of my day. I […]

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  • A Dog Called Patch

    A Dog Called Patch

    Feature Photo By Mitchell Orr Upsplash.com A Dog Called Patch Taken from a true story. Our Patch was a unique breed of dog. I’m not entirely sure which of about fourteen species he best fitted, so I think I’d best describe him as a little of each. Our Patch was genial, gregarious, outgoing, and highly […]

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  • Top Drawer Teacher – Happy Children.

    Top Drawer Teacher  – Happy Children.

    Feature Photo by CDC Upsplash.com A Top-Drawer Teacher I am privileged to have two Grandaughters who are teachers. They are women who play a vital role in the lives of the second stage in little people’s lives – ‘going to school.’ When my girls talk about their little charges, they do so with such passion […]

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  • Forgotten Dream

    Forgotten Dream

    I was all of twelve years old and very impressionable; we were in 1954 Southern Rhodesia, an exciting country, wide open spaces, not many towns and even these were spread, miles apart from one another. My father was the sole representative for a brewing company and travelled around the country a great deal, often taking […]

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  • Why Write? – Introduction

    This is a Cost-free Course I have decided to write this series to help myself and others, who have had a desire to write. When I say ‘write’, my expression covers a multitude of areas in the writing arena. Articles of interest, short stories, poems and yes, even novels!

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  • Sylvia-Rose’s Story – Part Two

    Sylvia-Rose’s Story – Part Two

    So that’s what you call Music One of my daughters lives by the expression, “No matter what life throws at you, get up, dress up and show up” So I’m showing up, as promised, to continue telling you my story, even though life has recently been throwing some serious lemons, with no tequila, my way!

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