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  • The Power of Now

    The Power of Now

    A Journal Book by Eckhart Tolle “When you are on a journey, it is certainly helpful to know where you are going… But don’t forget the only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment.” Eckhart Tolle My wife, Eileen, gifted me with a journal.…

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  • Dreams-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Dreams-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Feature Photo by Kelli Stirrett upsplash.com I have a happy life because it’s part of my dreams being fulfilled. Visiting my dreams daily is part of creating their reality. I am careful not to short-change myself. As a result, I look to benefit from every opportunity which comes my way. I was once trapped in…

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  • Truth-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Truth-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Feature Photo by Markus Winkler upsplash.com Always Look for The Truth There are so many things claiming to be truth, and I am left wondering if they really are the truth. I wonder if what I see outside of me is always a certainty? So many things that are certain in this moment will be…

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  • Healed-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Healed-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Feature Photo by Diana Polekhina Upsplash.com Have Your Body and Soul Been Healed ? As a young boy arriving home from school upset, my Grandmother would run a hot bath with Eucalyptus Oil sprinkled in it. I was allowed to submerge into the tub for ten minutes. This healed the wounds of my day. I…

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  • Where are You Now?

    If you not sure – ask your heart……     “Honor, acknowledge and fully accept your present reality: Where you are, who you are, what you are doing right now. Accept what you have got, be grateful for what you have got , grateful for what is. Grateful for being. Having gratitude for the present…

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