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  • Weekly Words of Wisdom-Dying too Early.

    Weekly Words of Wisdom-Dying too Early.

    Feature Photo by Hardini Lestari Upsplash.com Are You Dying Before Your Time? Am I dying before my time? Once I commuted through traffic for an hour to arrive at my job in time for the 7.30 clock-in. Dressed in a grey jacket and tie and carrying my lunch in a briefcase, I tried to look…

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  • Weekly Words of Wisdom-Forgive Quickly.

    Weekly Words of Wisdom-Forgive Quickly.

    Feature Photo by Brett Jordan Upsplash.com Decide to Forgive I have learned, mostly from painful experiences to never let my anger cause me to react and later regret how I’ve reacted. I’ve found that anger is a single-edged sword with the sharp end facing me. I am the one who pays the bigger price for…

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