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  • A Letter to the Younger Me – Part Two

    A Letter to the Younger Me – Part Two

    Who knows what lies in the mind of a child? Dreams and hopes, fears and sorrows. A child who seeks from those whose love and care is craved, just a smile, a word of approval, a touch of a hand, carried on a shoulder big and strong; lifted up and tossed into the air, then […]

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  • Theodore Dingelberry’s Christmas in Dubai

    Theodore Dingelberry’s Christmas in Dubai

    Hello to All You Wonderful People It’s me, Theodore Dingelberry, blogging you all the way from Dubai! I am so excited, I’m celebrating my very first Christmas and I never expected it to be soooo  grand. It all started with me seeing my very first Christmas tree and how beautiful was that. The twinkling lights and […]

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