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  • Why Ireland?

    Ireland is not only a land of great beauty, but also a land steeped in history and folk-lore. Wicklow is the Garden County of Ireland and there is beauty everywhere. Who would have thought of a Fairy forest? Nestled away in a group of trees are little dwellings belonging to Fairy folk. there no instructions…

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  • Who Would have Thought?

    Who Would have Thought?

    Surely we would all be quick to acknowledge that the greatest technological advent in our day was the invention and household availability of computers and more especially the internet. One might say that the pace began in the ‘80’s and it could also be suggested from then until today; the knowledge humanity gained in 40years…

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  • Ireland, Snippets of History – County Wicklow.

    Aside of the beauty and incredible ‘greenness’ of Ireland, there is the matter of its’ prolific and fascinating history. Today, we’ll make a wee journey through, not only recent, but also ancient history relating to an area, and more specifically an Irish village in County Wicklow.

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