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  • Weekly Words of Wisdom-The Dandelions.

    Weekly Words of Wisdom-The Dandelions.

    Feature Photo by Galina Tcarkova Upsplash.com Learn From The Dandelions Looking out my window, I see hundreds of Dandelion seeds blown off the mother flowers into the wind. These float as lost and unsure of which way to go, sometimes shooting upward, sometimes downward. They have no fear, though, as their Guide, the wind, knows…

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  • Failings are not Failure

    The overriding failure in my life was seeing my failings as a failure, when, in truth, they were simply steps on the ladder of my ultimate success. I turned my life around, simply because it wasn’t working for me. I woke up to the fact that the reason for this was; I was living in…

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  • Meditation Magic

    Meditation Magic

    I love meditating and indulge myself daily in this liberating experience. This discipline has made a remarkable improvement in the area of my spiritual, mental, and physical strength. I journey through my body, from the top of my head and on to the soles of my feet, using a homespun mantra of thanksgiving for the…

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  • Lockdown – Day 46

      ‘Snollygoster’ Politics is the breeding ground of the snollygoster politician. Such breeding ground is not new to the universe, having originated in biblical times; its tentacles reach all over the world, no countries excluded. It is driven by greed; but worse, it is the lust of humanity to exercise power and control over fellow…

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