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  • Covid-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Covid-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Feature Photo by Mufid Majnun upsplash.com What I have learned so far with the Covid pandemic will work to benefit me in times to come. I’ve always understood that a goal is something identified, scheduled, and worked on until accomplished. This is why I prefer dreams; as I think of one saying, I want that, […]

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  • Weekly Words of Wisdom

    Weekly Words of Wisdom

    On Laws and Rules: I have often felt that so many messages posted on media attempt to set rules for my life. Nearly all of my life there have been those who have set down rules for me; parents, teachers, employers, religion, just to name a few. Now here are folks on media doing the […]

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  • Lockdown – Day 32

    Day thirty two is upon us and we are now not certain of how much longer we have yet to go. Our government has drawn up a five-stage lockdown process of which we are presently in stage five. May 1st. we move into stage Four, which conditions are less severe than stage five. We are […]

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  • The Kite Runner

    The Kite Runner

    A Novel by Khaled Hosseini – Book review by sirpeterjamesdotcom. Khaled Hosseini is an Afghan-born American novelist and physician. After graduating from college, he worked as a doctor in California. The Kite Runner became a bestseller after being printed in paperback and was popularized in book clubs. It was a number one New York Times bestseller for two […]

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