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  • Concentration-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Concentration-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Feature Photo by Artur Shamsutdinov upsplash.com With my life, the end is never in sight, so I’m left with a concentration on the present – whoever designed this concept is brilliant! In my life, I have a loving, caring, uncomplaining wife, she is a gem of a woman. And I love her so. I wonder […]

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  • Powerful-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Powerful-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Feature Photo by Johannes Plenio Upsplash.com My talents are no match against the daily happenings released by the universe. But the powerful light within in me is greater than that of the Universe. There is a powerful force within me. It is activated by me pushing the ‘release’ button in my mind and the result […]

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  • Path-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Path-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Feature Photo by William Bout Upsplash.com There are times when I am seeking a path. Then there are times when I have to create my path. When the light within me pours forth, the way ahead becomes clear. I have no fear of slip-ups in my life. It has been my experience that these often […]

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  • Grief-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Grief-Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Feature Photo by Ann Upsplash.com Deal With Your Grief. Grief has been a visitor to my life more times than I can honestly say I am comfortable. I found from my childhood recollections, the night was the worst; fear was my frequent antagonist .Now, in the experience of my adult life, the same antagonist visits […]

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  • Peter’s Quote for The Day-You Never Too Late.

    Peter’s Quote for The Day-You Never Too Late.

    Feature Photo by Aron Visuals Upsplash.com It’s OK you’re Not Late. I have come to understand that absolutely nothing is ever, ‘too late’ but rather, everything is always on time. There are some ancient wise words that say: “Everything on earth has its own time and its own season. There is a time for birth […]

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  • Peter’s Quote for The Day-Choose Light.

    Peter’s Quote for The Day-Choose Light.

    Feature Photo by Allen Cai Upsplash.com Live in The Light All things which grow, seek the light, on finding it they flourish, whilst all things begin growing in the dark, there, they will never flourish. I look for light always. In the light I flourish, in the dark, I wither. As a child, I had […]

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  • Weekly Words of Wisdom Touch The Stars.

    Weekly Words of Wisdom Touch The Stars.

    Feature Photo by Allef Vinicius Upsplash.com I once lived among a range of mountains. As a man of the city, I had never experienced such a time of peace and calm. So much so, I decided to wake up at whatever time I was awakened naturally. As a result every night I went to bed […]

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