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  • Contact-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Contact-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Feature Photo by Miles Burke Upsplash.com I’m so grateful that we have access to the many mediums of contact with one another. The benefits are enormous. Not the least being that while we may be thousands of kilometers apart, we are only a couple of keys away from contact. I am the sole analyst of […]

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  • Possible-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Possible-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Feature Photo by Josh Couch Upsplash.com I saw a little red Poppy today, standing proudly, in all its glory This flower had grown through a crack in the pavement along a busy street in a city. I asked, is this possible? It was a lesson for me; anything is possible My dreams are not born […]

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  • Emotion-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Emotion-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Feature Picture Tengyart Upsplash.com I have discovered that every emotion I have, has its roots in the thoughts I think. The question is this: to what origin do I owe my thoughts? The next time you feel a strong emotion, particularly an unpleasant one — try to question and excavate details surrounding its origin. Changing […]

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  • Sylvia Rose’s Story – Chapter Eleven

    I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been to me. I promised that my next article would be about the “things my father taught me” But recently I had a life changing experience, which I would like to share with you today. The title of this article is from a Randy Crawford song… Which resonates […]

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