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  • Top Drawer Teacher – Happy Children.

    Top Drawer Teacher  – Happy Children.

    Feature Photo by CDC Upsplash.com A Top-Drawer Teacher I am privileged to have two Grandaughters who are teachers. They are women who play a vital role in the lives of the second stage in little people’s lives – ‘going to school.’ When my girls talk about their little charges, they do so with such passion […]

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  • Bags & Bags – Johannesburg, South Africa

    Reblogged from: Bags & Bags – Johannesburg, South Africa – DanVenture Travels Earlier in the year, I wrote about flying home for the first time in a while. I wanted to share an experience I had on my way back & give some advice to help you avoid being in the same situation. After having […]

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  • Why Write? – Part One

    This is a Cost-free Course With the background sketch out the way, (if you didn’t read the introduction, read that first, so that you can follow where we are going.)  let’s get down to the nitty gritty of – Why Write?

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