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  • Concentration-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Concentration-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Feature Photo by Artur Shamsutdinov upsplash.com With my life, the end is never in sight, so I’m left with a concentration on the present – whoever designed this concept is brilliant! In my life, I have a loving, caring, uncomplaining wife, she is a gem of a woman. And I love her so. I wonder […]

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  • Possible-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Possible-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Feature Photo by Josh Couch Upsplash.com I saw a little red Poppy today, standing proudly, in all its glory This flower had grown through a crack in the pavement along a busy street in a city. I asked, is this possible? It was a lesson for me; anything is possible My dreams are not born […]

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  • Danger-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Danger-Wisdom Snippets -From Peter.

    Feature Photo by Raúl Nájera upsplash.com. Escape Danger First In times of danger, I have found that there are two vital functions I must perform. The first is to escape from the danger. The second is to make a hasty decision as to what to do next. I wonder how often I have suffered needlessly […]

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  • Weekly Words of Wisdom-Forgive Quickly.

    Weekly Words of Wisdom-Forgive Quickly.

    Feature Photo by Brett Jordan Upsplash.com Decide to Forgive I have learned, mostly from painful experiences to never let my anger cause me to react and later regret how I’ve reacted. I’ve found that anger is a single-edged sword with the sharp end facing me. I am the one who pays the bigger price for […]

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  • Weekly Words of Wisdom – Thought Discipline.

    Weekly Words of Wisdom – Thought Discipline.

    Feature Photo By Brett Jordan Upsplash.com Thought Discipline. The home of my thoughts, my mind, is what fashions my life. If I give my mind control, it will shape my life. This means I must be the one who controls my mind. I accomplish this by disciplining my thoughts. This process effectively gives me control […]

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  • Peter’s Quote for The Day – Let It Be

    Peter’s Quote for The Day – Let It Be

    I love and enjoy learning. The hardest lesson I ever learned was how to let go. It’s not always easy, giving up on a fruitless situation I was hanging onto, hoping for change. My life has always been a teeter between holding on and letting go. I hold onto people, situations, and many things because […]

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  • Peter’s Quote for The Day Hurtful Thoughts

    Peter’s Quote for The Day Hurtful Thoughts

    Feature Photo by Elena Mozhvilo Upsplash.com On the rare occasions when someone is hurtful to me, I head for my mind and check my thoughts. I am aware, thoughts generate my emotions.  At this point I start a little bit of important, and may I add, urgent, filing. All the hurtful thoughts go to file […]

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    It’s such an amazing miracle; what happened to me last Friday & Saturday, 15th & 16th March. On Friday night (15th March) during a Holy Spirit Impact session at our church I just started crying deeply, and cried and cried; so much so, that my clothes were all wet! So much water streaming out from […]

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  • Sylvia-Rose’s Story – Part Two

    Sylvia-Rose’s Story – Part Two

    So that’s what you call Music One of my daughters lives by the expression, “No matter what life throws at you, get up, dress up and show up” So I’m showing up, as promised, to continue telling you my story, even though life has recently been throwing some serious lemons, with no tequila, my way!

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  • The Power of Human Touch

    The Power of Human Touch

    My Experience I can to this day, some sixty eight years later, recall the first time I kissed a little girl. Although not one hundred per cent clearly, I still remember her face and her somewhat full rosebud lips. More than this I recall that she took my hand, held it fast, turned and kissed […]

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