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  • Path-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Path-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Feature Photo by William Bout Upsplash.com There are times when I am seeking a path. Then there are times when I have to create my path. When the light within me pours forth, the way ahead becomes clear. I have no fear of slip-ups in my life. It has been my experience that these often […]

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  • Morality-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Morality-Wisdom Snippets From Peter

    Feature Photo by Philippe Oursel upsplash.com Focus on Morality Is Humanity served by high social graces, with low morality? Is it not better to have high social graces, with compassion for those who suffer; and have high morality as well? I wonder. I learned in my life if I delay any decisions they go dimmer […]

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  • Wisdom Snippets From Peter-Loving Life

    Wisdom Snippets From Peter-Loving Life

    Feature Photo By Debby Hudson Upsplash.com Seven Wisdom Snippets to Encourage you. I experience opportunities every moment in my life. I pray for the sight to see them all and the wisdom to take hold of each one! I am grateful that my life has blessed more than a few, so I will continue in […]

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  • Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Peter’s Quote for The Day.

    Feature Photo by Brett Jordan Upsplash.com I find order a comforting state, yet, in terms of others around me, I have often wondered how practical my state is? For instance there are those that insist on order, and there are those that are out of kilter with order; in addition there are those that could […]

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  • Dreams Are Good

    I have a habit. I love dreaming, not talking about the sleep kind, I’m talking about drifting off at various times in the day, whether it be whilst I’m working, eating, driving (be cautious with this one), eating and so on. Sometimes, embarrassingly,  I even drift off whilst in the company of family and friends. […]

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