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  • Newspaper Scandal

    Newspaper Scandal

    Feature Photo by abolfazl shaker – Upsplash.com. Newspaper Scandal It’s seven, giving me an hour before hitting the trail to my factory. during this time of the day, I’m alone, quiet, my local newspaper lying on the twelve-seater table in the breakfast room. A crackling log fire burning, the smell of Canadian Pine from the […]

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  • The Cheat-Clover and Atlas

    The Cheat-Clover and Atlas

    Feature Photo by Hannah Myers “Atee, it’s Clover. You got a minute?”  “Sounds serious, everything okay?”  “Atee, we need to meet.” The sea breeze forced its way into the telephone booth and beach sand stung her legs. “I’m fine, but we need to talk.” “Something wrong Clover?” “Nothing’s wrong. Look Atee if I called asking […]

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  • Peter’s Quote for the Day – Wrong Way

    Peter’s Quote for the Day – Wrong Way

    There’s No Wrong Way. Feature Photo by Andrej Lišakov Upsplash.com Do you have days when successions of things seem to go ‘wrong’? I set about publishing my daily quote this morning and found my wi-fi was not connecting. After much ado, I managed to get it up and running.  As I got into my site […]

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  • A House Divided against Itself – Part Four

    A House Divided against Itself – Part Four

    Life returned to a sense of normality, which after two months was turned completely upside down. It happened when the husband awoke  at two in the morning to find he was alone in bed. He called out softly to his wife and on getting no response; he got up and made his way through the […]

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  • Sylvia Rose’s Story – Part Seven

    Sylvia Rose’s Story – Part Seven

    The UAE was never ready for me When the ‘almost husband’ invited me to come and spend Christmas with him in the UAE I was ecstatic. Firstly because I have never traveled abroad. I know right, 46, and never traveled internationally! But the main reason was that I would get to spend five whole weeks […]

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  • A House Divided against Itself – Part Two

    A House Divided against Itself – Part Two

    The trip to Australia and the stringent interviewing process, which was conducted over three, sixteen hour, days was a real eye opener for the Father and ended with him and two others being thanked for their attendance and participation. The three candidates were told that they would be notified about the results of the interview […]

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