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  • Corner-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Corner-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

    Feature Photo gokhunguneyhan Upsplash.com The wonder of my life is always a matter of what is around the next corner. This is the mystery; I never know until the corner has been turned. My decision is to be content and grateful, where I am until I’ve turned the next corner. I love the world of…

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  • Wisdom Snippets From Peter-Create an Oasis

    Wisdom Snippets From Peter-Create an Oasis

    Feature Photo by Sandra Gabriel Upsplash.com Four Wisdom Snippets To Help you Create an Oasis in Your Life. My dreams have created an oasis in what was once a desert in my life. Life’s best lessons for me have been the times I have made poor decisions and wasted opportunities by missing them. As a…

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  • My Big Fat Greek Baptism

    My Big Fat Greek Baptism

    Featured Image Credit: Emma Van Sant@emmaView profile@emma “We have been invited to my very good friend Lia’s grandchild’s baptism; you ok with going?” my Fiancée enquired. “Sure” I replied, knowing that if my Woman wanted to go along to the service, then so did I. Bearing in mind that where my Woman is, there I…

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  • Knock At the Door Fly out the Window.

    When senior years knock at the door, does adventure fly out the window? I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of seniors, in their early and late seventies, respectively. Opportunity knocked at their door and they flew out the window to a new adventure: Jacques and Marie are, if there is such a thing,…

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  • Lockdown – Day 7

    Lockdown! Day Seven is upon us, with fourteen days to go! In a country where 75% of our population have a television service and 68% have internet connectivity, 85% have mobile devices; it is safe to say that most of our population are informed of world and countrywide events. Yet, short of taking ‘house to…

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  • Children

      Children Harry Martinson 1931   A group of children play here – the wind cleans the sky, the clouds dance. Someone flings rocks, someone helps an ant home, someone throws the hazel spear through a spider’s web; Some caress lovingly – a boy and girl, explore the skin’s smoothness, blush red, feel giddiness, kiss…

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    It’s such an amazing miracle; what happened to me last Friday & Saturday, 15th & 16th March. On Friday night (15th March) during a Holy Spirit Impact session at our church I just started crying deeply, and cried and cried; so much so, that my clothes were all wet! So much water streaming out from…

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  • Sylvia Rose’s Story – Chapter Eleven

    I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been to me. I promised that my next article would be about the “things my father taught me” But recently I had a life changing experience, which I would like to share with you today. The title of this article is from a Randy Crawford song… Which resonates…

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  • Things learned Along Life’s Way – Part Two

    The Watcher. The Watcher always looks at every aspect of life from a distance, as an observer, if you will. Never becoming caught up in anything, always watching from a distance.

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  • A House Divided against Itself – Part Four

    A House Divided against Itself – Part Four

    Life returned to a sense of normality, which after two months was turned completely upside down. It happened when the husband awoke  at two in the morning to find he was alone in bed. He called out softly to his wife and on getting no response; he got up and made his way through the…

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