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  • Peter’s Quote for The Day A Mother

    Peter’s Quote for The Day A Mother

    Feature Photo by Andrae Ricketts Upsplash.com When my mother conceived me, my creator burned the recipe. Finally and in pain my Mother birthed me. In raising me she experienced the miracle of human growth, begun in her body. She later said, “The pain was worth it.” I think my Mother was an Angel. Years later, […]

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  • Peter’s Quote of The Day

    Peter’s Quote of The Day

    For years I dreamed of writing and could not find a way to achieve this dream; try though I may, I never succeeded. I cried out often in my heart, but to no avail. One day, ever so gently an Angel said to me, “You must start writing now.” I obeyed and was amazed at […]

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  • Weekly Word of Wisdom

    Alone in a Corner When I was a little boy, teachers ridiculed me and I was often told to stand in a corner. I felt ashamed of myself;  then one day a kindly Angel took me, by the hand, to a mirror. “Look at yourself, you are beautiful, you need never be ashamed of yourself; […]

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  • Power of Human Touch

    Power of Human Touch

    My Experience I can to this day, some sixty-eight years later, recall the first time I was kissed by a little girl. Although not one hundred per cent clearly, I still remember her face and her somewhat full rosebud lips. More than this I recall that she took my hand, held it fast, turned and […]

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  • A House Divided against Itself – Part Three

    A House Divided against Itself – Part Three

    It seemed within in a mere matter of days that life in the household resumed its usual ways and the Australian adventure had lost its focus; but this was only short lived.

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  • Letting My Son Go

    Letting My Son Go

    Wednesday morning 4.30 am, I lay awake knowing that today I will scatter my son’s ashes. I force myself out of bed; dawn is breaking and I go out into the garden, where I laid my son’s ashes some weeks ago. Still in my pajamas, I lift my son’s ashes, in a tiny box, from […]

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