Series Stories – Part Two

I have decided to publish a series of stories for those who visit my site. This second part of the story is a revamped version of the first chapter of my book. In Case you missed Part One, Click here. In this series, three parts will be published successively over 9 weeks. In other words, one publication every 3 weeks. Below this page, you will find a button, ‘Subscribe’ Click on the button, and you will be notified of the next release. At any time, if you no longer wish to be notified, you may unsubscribe. Enjoy.

Eerie Stillness

Amala continued.

“After more than forty days of lockdown and never having experienced such a calamity, you are probably confused as to what is happening in this world. You’ve read and heard many conflicting stories. Some are true, most gross exaggerations, more still, outright lies.

“You have been chosen to hear the truth and be part of the solution to this global scare.  The reality is this: a world population of nearly eight billion souls is headed for disaster.

“There is massive global disunity, poverty, starvation, disease, social injustice, inequality of income, wealth distribution and pollution of the planet; finally, there is global warming. These are blowbacks of poor governance and lack of cooperation between nations; this is only the tip of the iceberg.

“Over millennia, small groups of people have secretly worked on plans to create a unified world under the control of one governing force. If such an ideal was accomplished peacefully, with all humanity willingly accepting, this could be a lasting and beneficial solution.

“There have been attempts to put this plan into effect forcefully; none have met with success, because the time and season were not ripe.

“Nevertheless, those working secretly, have continued to plan and work tirelessly toward their aims.

“They were only few but had great wealth and power at their fingertips. Recently these groups have begun pooling their resources and uniting their numbers.

“Now they feel they are ready to resolve global problems. If they can accomplish this peaceably, it will herald the greatest accomplishment in the history of humanity.

“The secret society, which now controls global finance, has put a plan into place by deceiving and coercing all humanity. Its leaders plan to take dominion of the world without firing a gunshot.

“Consider this: The society start a massive propaganda launch via all media, on a scale never witnessed before in human history. The ethos of this campaign is to terrify people around the globe concerning a so-called virus, ‘X0Alpha 19’,  abbreviated to XAlpha, which they say has a capacity to decimate the population of the earth, to the point where those remaining will willingly submit to any treatment, save physical pain and death. Hence global lockdown.

“None of the peoples of the world have access to true statistics regarding the infection and death rate, they simply accept what they are told. Most governments in the world submit to the society’s plan for fear of losing financial support from them.

“With effective lockdown, global economy begins to crumble, unemployment rockets, people have no money. They are forced to turn to the government for support. A vaccine will ultimately be found, and all will be forced to take it – whatever long-term effect it has.

“The six of you will be initiated into a powerful force, like no other on earth; you will be pivotal in disseminating information concerning the terrible lie behind this propaganda.

“You have been chosen because you enjoy certain common characteristics. You are all friends; none are married and have few ties to your earthly homes. Although you are all untried, you are instinctively brave; you all respond to encounters with little forethought and this makes you willing to take on challenges at a moment’s notice.

“Such family members and important colleagues as you have will be notified of your departure to another part of the globe and that you will be returning some time ahead.”

As Joshua sat upright, his eyes fell on Olivia and he smiled. She returned an unsmiling stare. What is it with this woman? His thoughts tortured him.

Amala continued, “Olivia will be in charge of the group, follow her now.”

So, that’s it, these two are in cahoots, Joshua thought.

Olivia stood to see five shocked expressions. “This way,” she stated authoritatively; they moved down a passage, through a swivel door and into a room, lit up by consoles, with a large overhead screen, and concealed lighting. The ceiling was high without windows. The floor seemed to have a cork feel to it, rendering  their footsteps silent.

There was a steady whirring and humming sound, brought on by computer cooling fans and air conditioners. “Ok, no chit-chat and sit down, any position will do.” Olivia spoke softly but assertively.

They turned to Olivia, who, holding a remote in her hand, stood resolutely before them. She pushed a button and with a whooshing sound the screens in front of the consoles sunk into the work surfaces; simultaneously, a wall-to-wall screen slid open. From the ceiling descended five helmets with visors suspended on cables and one settled above each head.

“This is your workstation. As necessary, helmets will lift and descend. All you need to do is remain seated and fit the helmet onto your head. Within a few seconds you will enter a state of four dimension, which radiates from the screen. You have no need of instruction as that will be conveyed to your brain intuitively.

“Phase one will allow you to broadcast a message to the population of the globe via all social media including Google and YouTube.

“Just for the remainder of this day and tonight you will make use of the restroom in the corner of the far wall and the five bunk-beds, recessed into the wall, for sleeping. Use the restroom as you require. I will monitor your sleeping shifts to keep three of you in front of your stations at all times. Pull your helmets down and let’s go.” Olivia’s voice was soft but still authoritative.

All the while, Joshua’s eyes were fixed on her; occasionally, and briefly, Olivia looked directly at him. Apart from not knowing what was happening to them, he felt a strong emotional pull toward her.

The console screens reappeared. Helmets were pulled down and Joshua felt like he was moving into another world.

Instinctively, his mind appeared to place text onto the console screen, yet, although there were no keys, he didn’t feel strange. It was as if he had performed this way forever. The messages were disseminating almost faster that his eye could follow.

Occasionally one of the group would go to the restroom and Joshua eventually made his way through the door and down a passage. At a window, he saw Olivia working in what appeared to be a kitchen. She was alone, preparing food. “Hey, Olivia.”

“Hi Josh, I was waiting for you.”

“Oh I was not aware…” 

“You may not have been aware, but here you are!”

“Oh, right,” Joshua stammered sheepishly.

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