Series Stories – Part Three

I have decided to publish a series of stories for those who visit my site. This second part of the story is a revamped version of the first chapter of my book. In case you missed Part One Click Here. In Case you missed Part Two, Click here. In this series, three parts will be published successively over 9 weeks. In other words, one publication every 3 weeks. Below this page, you will find a button, ‘Subscribe’ Click on the button, and you will be notified of the next release. At any time, if you no longer wish to be notified, you may unsubscribe. Enjoy.

Eerie Stillness

“You may not have been aware, but here you are!”

“Oh, right,” Joshua stammered sheepishly.

Oliva walked through a doorway up to Joshua and, facing him, pulled his head close, kissing him firmly. Olivia whispered, “That’s what you’ve wanted to do since you met me, right?”

Joshua felt a tremor.

“Josh, make yourself useful; hand these plates through the serving hatch, and let’s start supper.”

“Oh, oh yes, of course,” mumbled Joshua.

The group was strangely silent as they ate.

Rebecca broke the silence. “I’ve never seen messages go out so fast, astounding!” 

The others nodded in agreement.

“It will not last beyond tonight, as social media will remove the messages off their site because of barred keywords. As our dispatch address is liquid, we can resend until early morning. After that, our station will shut down to avoid being discovered by the CIA, MI5, and so on,” Olivia stated.

“And us?” Josh was genuinely concerned for his friends.

“We will exit through a wormhole, our location rendered untraceable,” Oliva answered.

“Our equipment?” he continued.

“It follows us. Now, the golden rule – no more questions. Back to your stations, Sarah and Rebecca, to the bunks.”

They continued through the night, Nick and Daniel off to the bunks when Rebecca and Sarah returned. At three a.m., Olivia signaled Joshua to the bunks. In passing, he saw Olivia making mugs of Milo. Hesitatingly, he turned and walked into the kitchen.

“What you want, Josh?”

“I came to say goodnight.”

She smiled.

That’s a first! He thought. He strode across the kitchen, put his arms around Olivia, and kissed her.

“Get out of here,” she scolded him, “you need to sleep.”

Breakfast was brisk, with a bowl of cereal and a mug of coffee.

“I’ll not be getting fat on this,” Nick muttered sardonically.

“Be thankful; it’s your last meal for ten years,” Olivia laughed.

“What! Are you serious, Olivia?”

She never replied, and Josh, surprised to hear her laugh, did not seem to grasp what she said.

“All of you, to your stations!” Her voice was now crisp, even aggressive.

They all sat down, and with a humming sound, helmets cabled down toward them. “You will fit your helmets on and sit still. We are leaving for the battlefront. All your other personal effects, your mobile phones, and timepieces have left you,” Olivia announced. “In the next twenty minutes, time, as you know it, will no longer be, and neither will all your human functions. Do not be afraid; you will not feel any effects from this change.

“Shortly, the screen will reopen, and you will see the battle site, ‘Urs Kaśdim.’  is the only nation that has refused to accept the new global government. Their food and medical supplies are almost exhausted; they are about to be attacked by the greatest army the world has ever seen.”

The large screen opened, and the sight before them was, at first, confusing as they adjusted to the four-dimensional view. Rockets and missiles were screaming through the air. Immediately the group started deflecting these so that the central target of Uru Salim, the capital city, was shielded. The missiles flew on aimlessly and exploded in the desert.

The onslaught was relentless, yet all the efforts of the United Supreme Global Force were fruitless. Wave after wave of fighter and bomber aircraft approached. With four-dimensional access, the group started a massive rush of air, moving at three times the speed of sound, which accelerated up underneath the aircraft and spewed them miles into the atmosphere; there, they exploded and disintegrated over the desert. The ground forces moved in with tanks, personnel carriers, rocket launchers, and many other pieces of armament.

Inexplicably, at this point, a strange sequence of events took place. The population of the tiny country, who had hitherto taken refuge in bunkers, came running outdoors, waving flags and cheering. On the nearby hills, men blew rams’ horns so loud that one might easily assume technicians electronically amplified them.

Once Olivia removed the group from action, they witnessed the most incredible sight. As the tsunami of militia approached on target for Uru Salim, there appeared a brilliant light on the peak of  Mount Haahr Zofim. The beam of light was so bright that it blinded the advancing militia, which drew to a halt.

Amid this powerful light appeared a figure with upraised hands. The figure raised its arms, and an eerie stillness fell across the land. After a full ten minutes, a soft sound emitted from the lips of the people, “Shiloh, Shiloh, Shiloh”…steadily, the sound increased in volume until it was a booming crescendo.

Without warning, there was a loud thunderclap, and the earth trembled. It began to rain. In the area where the militiamen were, the raindrops turned into hail the size of a human fist and grew until they resembled meteorites. These meteorites destroyed the two-hundred-thousand-strong armed force!

The big screen swished closed; the helmets lifted. All eyes turned to Olivia.

“Well done, team, you were part of the greatest war in the history of this planet. The City of Uru Salim, the country of Urs Kaśdim, and the world are now free! The new world leader, Shiloh, will rule the earth with love and care as never before. When you return to your time, you will find a new world. A world bathed in peace, without poverty, disease, pain or suffering, and loneliness. You and your families will live hundreds of years, and your bodies will not age.”

The five stepped out of the cottage into fresh and pristine air. A taxi appeared soundlessly, and the group boarded. Joshua was about to give instructions, but the driver pre-empted him. “I know where you live, man!” he exclaimed.

After a while, Josh became aware that the vehicle traveled without sound. “This cab electric?” he inquired.

“You kidding? Say, where have you been the last ten years?”

At that point, Josh decided to shut up.

They noticed all the town buildings had facelifts, and the roads looked new.

Oliva was on Josh’s mind, and he wondered if he would see her again. Strange how she and Amala just vanished, not even saying goodbye. 

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