Series Stories- Eerie Stillness- Part One

I have decided to publish a series of stories for those who visit my site. This is the first piece of a revamped version of the first chapter of my book. In this series, three parts will be published successively over 9 weeks. In other words, one publication every 3 weeks. Below this page, you will find a button, ‘Subscribe’ Click on the button, and you will be notified of the next release. At any time, if you no longer wish to be notified, you may unsubscribe. Enjoy.

Eerie Stillness

The group sat in Josh’s basement den, sullen and unhappy. “Day after tomorrow, we are limited to moving within a 5-kilometer radius of our homes and no gatherings like this, all because of a traditional winter flu.” Sarah cut Josh short, “You nuts, Josh? People are dying from this flu.” “People have always died from flu, Sarah.” “Not to the extent we are experiencing at the moment.” “Bloody government, don’t know what they are doing. I mean, what’s going to happen to our economy? Businesses forced to close their doors, and people restricted to their homes.” It’s not just our government; this is a global issue ass.!

Rebecca joined the fray.“You know my feelings on this one; a global shutdown that has never before occurred in the history of humankind has got to have been organized by some very influential body, entirely outside of collaborating governments.” “Oh no, Josh, not another conspiracy thingy – give us a break!” Sarah was enjoying herself.” “Suit yourself; the time will come when you live this conspiracy, and it won’t be theory anymore.” Josh was frustrated at the gang’s disbelief.

Cycling was his thing, and he was passionate about it. When the sport gripped him at sixteen, Josh was already six feet tall and skinny. One could see that his frame had hardened from riding a couple of hours in the early mornings and again in the late afternoons. Now, at twenty-five, he had filled out considerably, and although good-looking by all accounts, he was not a womanizer. Some said his mistress was cycling. Josh’s social circle consisted of four people; Sarah, Rebecca, Nicholas, and Daniel. His closest friend was Daniel; they did school and varsity together. The group of five were all keen cyclists; this led them to spend meaningful time together. Josh first met Amala in somewhat strange circumstances. Working in his study, where he spent long hours on his home-based trading business, Josh felt weary; not uncommon and often the result of working late nights; he decided to take a short ride to clear his body and mind.

Unconsciously, following a route that he’d never taken before, and as he lived on the town’s outer limits, it was not long before he was in the country. Rounding a bend, he caught sight of a cyclist trying to repair a chain drive.“Hello, you need help?” he called. Leaning his cycle against a telegraph pole, he moved to and knelt alongside the struggling individual; he was surprised as a young lady looked up. Their faces were about a meter apart. Josh stared for a moment, not daring to breathe. She is gorgeous, he thought.“I’m Joshua; looks like you have a spot of bother here.” “That’s an understatement!” she exclaimed abruptly.

“You’ve lost a few teeth on the chainring,” Joshua continued. “Damn, looks like I’m taking a long walk back to town!” she stated irritably. “Oh, I’m Olivia.”“Hi, Olivia,” Josh stammered. Regaining his composure, he looked around, and what seemed like a rundown cottage caught his eye.“Maybe someone is home up there; we can leave our bikes and then hitch to my place. I’ll fetch my truck and collect our bikes.”“You don’t mind, Joshua?” Olivia responded.“Not in the least… oh, and please call me Josh; it’s easier.”

The two made their way to the cottage; after knocking on the door several times, Josh turned the door handle, opening it quickly. They stepped in.“Hello, hello, anyone in?” Josh called outThe passageway was dark and dank. On the left, a door was standing ajar. They walked through, Joshua calling out into what appeared to be a sitting room. It took a little while for their eyes to adjust to the dark room. Suddenly, a voice spoke out from an armchair at the far wall. “Hello, you two.” “Shit, you gave me a fright!” exclaimed Josh to the shadowy figure in the chair.“Sit down, Josh, and you, Olivia, I have been waiting for you,” the voice in the dark stated.“Who are you? Josh whispered in a faltering voice.

“I am Amala, and I do not answer questions; I only ask them.”The two sat, and Amala began to speak. “I have much to say to you; before I reveal the plan, you will go to your friends Rebecca, Sarah, Nicholas, Daniel and bring them here on Friday at midday, using a public taxi. As you are under lockdown rules, there exists a chance you could be stopped and questioned. If so, say you are attending an employment interview. I have arranged for each of you to receive a letter of invitation for service.

Joshua, your truck is outside, and your cycles are loaded. Go now.” Josh looked at Amala in disbelief; sure enough, the car and processes were there. He and Olivia drove back. “Well, what do you make of that, Olivia? Amala not only knew of but was expecting us; this is weird.”Olivia replied, “Josh, I prefer it if you don’t ask me questions; drive to my place and come back for me Friday.” Something in her voice chilled Josh’s spine; Better shut up, he thought. They arrived at a rundown building; Olivia looked at Josh and hesitated as she exited the truck, “See you Friday, eleven-thirty, Josh.”

That’s one beautiful woman, but very different, he thought.

He mailed the group, explaining the employment letter, and asked them to be patient and not ask questions. Daniel quipped, “Just as well we trust you, Bro; this is weird.” “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, man,” Josh muttered. He introduced Olivia, and while his friends were polite enough not to ask questions, they did raise their eyebrows as they boarded the taxi. They arrived at the cottage, and Josh did a double take. The cottage was wholly transformed: walls and roof had a new coat of paint, the garden was pristine, and windows and doors looked brand new. Josh looked at Olivia. “Surprised?” she whispered.

They marched through the front door, an aromatic fragrance of coffee flowing through its portals. A deep voice from within bellowed, “Come in.”Josh greeted Amala and attempted to introduce his friends. “I know everyone,” Amala interjected. “Help yourself to coffee, sit down, and no talking. “I will speak; you simply listen and don’t interrupt me,”

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