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Hello All.

A while ago Martin raised the question of membership. he may have used the term ‘reinventing ourselves’ but I’m not sure if I wrote it down incorrectly. Whatever, I personally think it’s a good idea. To look at what we can do about membership that is. Would you all agree to us using our first meeting in September as having a think tank session? After which we could draw up a strategy. I hope you are OK with me putting forward a few discussion points we could look at. There are three principal areas in dealing with membership. These being:

  • Recruiting new members.
  • Promoting the Group.
  • Activities in which we engage at our meetings.

Membership Recruitment

* Establish a contact point for those wishing to attend our meetings.

* Advertising our profile.

* Promoting our activities through staged events.

Meeting Activities

* Rethink our meeting plan.

If you all agree to the idea then send me a list of items you feel are important to discuss and let’s put together an agenda.



We Read-We Write-We Create

Morning orange

photography of mountain during sunset

on a cold winter’s eve,
a gentle brush
paints a picture in the works of fire,
drawing on the tales of parchment paper,
characters are written in ink,
as shouldering arms
greet the hands of time,

to drink in the glasses half-full
where no sip is bottled up
and plates serve meals full
of the dawning day
in light of the morning orange

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