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  • DanVenture Travels – 2020

    DanVenture Travels – 2020

    Originally posted on DanVenture Travels: Hi reader! I should say welcome back to DanVenture Travels since it has been 2 whole months since you’ve heard from me. I could use the excuse that I was busy with work & moving apartments, but that would be boring. As I have done in the past, I wanted…

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  • Becoming the Person you want to Be

    Becoming the Person you want to Be

    We all dream of things we would like to see happen in our lives. More often than not, these are ideals that we don’t share with others or maybe just one other special person, usually someone we can trust. Now that I think about it, apart from the one with whom I have a close relationship, I don’t…

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  • The Speech

      The president stood, flanked by high ranking military officers on the raised deck. A little to one side stood a young Marine, who held the Medal of Honor with the two loose ends of a blue ribband. It was a warm day in Washington DC, there might have been, at the very least, two…

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  • The Other Side of Bad Attitude

    The Other Side of Bad Attitude

    “Excuse me, that suitcase is mine” a very concerned gentleman with raised voice, lower down on the baggage conveyor said anxiously. “No sir, its mine”. I retorted, somewhat irritated by his attitude and particularly the level of his voice.

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  • The stories we tell ourselves.

    Originally posted on Thriving Under Pressure: Flooded with helplessness. A friend of mine recently returned home from vacation to find his newly constructed house flooded. The feelings of helplessness that followed were magnified by the story he was telling himself on repeat. That he was an idiot. Naive. A loser. Stupid for not knowing better.…

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  • Other side of fear

    Who walks hand-in-hand with fear, sees their dreams fading with the passing of time – sirpeterjamesdotcom I’m sure that fear, in its multitudinous guises must be humanity’s greatest enemy. Well done Christian, for showing us that there is the ‘Other Side’

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  • Adapt or Die

    Adapt or Die

    Adapt or Die If we don’t adapt to our environment, whether this is geographical, political or socially speaking – we won’t necessarily die physically; but what is almost certain, is that we will die to such important issues as opportunity, excitement, discovery, fun and I’m sure you could think of many more.

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  • Towers


    “Hey Fillipo, stay off the streets, otherwise you will be robbed and murdered. Are you crazy – you want to die?”

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  • Words of Wisdom

    Words of Wisdom

    “The architect of our universe, did not create it on random impulse, but by very powerful words. For this reason it should be comforting for us all to know, that from day one, the fruit of these words is still growing and can never fail or be over-harvested. Enjoy your life and be grateful each…

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