Arklow Writers Group-Meeting Tuesday, April 5, 2023

Arklow Writers Group

April 5, 2023

Hello All.

Thank you for participating so enthusiastically in our meeting this last evening; it was fruitful and fun too. One way or another, I’m sure we had a consensus on the publication of the Arklow Writers Anthology. I made a few notes on our discussions and put them together here:

  • We agreed to set May 14 as our final date for submissions.
  • In short, you all need to agree to the suitability of each submission.
  • Final submissions will be have to collated into a format for the publication.
  • A design will need to made for back and front covers.
  • Now we need to have decided on how many articles we will publish. This will be determined by how many words and pages we need. From here, we must get quotes on publishing.
  • We must now confirm our potential support of Arklow Lifeboat.
  • We must also confirm our funding source/s.
  • Printing of the book will commence at this point.
  • If it is accepted that we support Arklow Lifeboat then we must prepare for their August event.
  • Below is a summary of writers and their estimated submissions:

Helen McNulty – 2000 words. Lisi Elliot – 2000. Mary – 3000 and 1000. Noline 2000 and 2000. Pete – 1800 and 3000. Peter – 3000 and 3000. John – 2000. Sylvie – 1200 (my estimate)

Total = 26,000

We should contact past members (or any other seasoned Arklow writers) and invite them to apply to us for submission. We don’t have to accept any more requests that we need. But if others are willing, at least we have a safety net. This will be up to the group to decide.

Lastly are assigned tasks:

Mary: 1. Contact Lifeboat committee. 2. Contact Printers. 3. Liaise with Noline.

Noline: 1: Ask Helen about publishing. 2. Follow-up with Colin – library.

Peter: Price of Wicklow Anthology – ‘All At Sea.’ 2. Second story – ‘Professor Jack Jenkins.’ to Noline.

Let’s Go Team!



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