Arklow Writers Group-Meeting Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Arklow Writers Group

Business Meeting

April 25, 2023

Hello All.

A big thank you for hosting us Mary – sooo pleasant, and tasty too.

Noline brought us news that the library has offered to donate €300 to the production of our anthology. Well done, Noline!

The lowest printing quote that Mary received was €400. If we accepted this quote we would need to raise another €100. Well done, Mary.

Pauline said Jamie would be prepared to edit all our submissions, but could not help with the layout. Well done Pauline.

Mary spoke to Paul, chairman of Lifeboat, asking if we could coincide our anthology launch with their launch. He offered to talk to his committee and let Mary know. If his answer is negative, as ‘Plan B,’ Noline would approach the library. Well done, Mary.

The Group agreed the following:

We will sell the anthology copies at €10 each.


  • Confirm who will do layout for us.
  • Send Peter the contact details of all submitting.
  • Contact library and enquire about additional €100 support,
  • Contact printers, and verify quote and payment arrangements. Quote for additional run-on print.
  • Did you diarize approaching the Windfarm company regarding a workshop?


  • Send Noline Printer’s details.


  • Collect submissions and compile into a word file.
  • Send Word file to Pauline (Not before 16th of May.)
  • Here is a list of promised submissions to date:
  • Margret Stokes 500 Bernie Nizum 2000 Anna Grogan 100 Mary 3000 Noline 1500 Pete 4800 John 500 Sylvie 2000 Pauline   1200 Peter 6000       Total   20100

Please let me know on WhatsApp’s if I have missed anything.

Let’s Go Team!



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