Arklow Writers Group-Meeting Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Arklow Writers Group

Business Meeting

May 2, 2023

Hello All.

A meeting filled with excellent news and a couple of fun stories – thanks to Mary and Pete.

Noline brought us news that the library has offered to donate an additional €100 to the production of our anthology. Well done, Noline!

Noline has discovered that the printing quote has risen to a gigantic €1400 – €1750. We will need to take some prompt action here.

After discussing our situation with an authority concerned, Mary approached SSE (Wind Farm) and took the initiative to submit a funding request. She has asked for €600.

Noline reported that the library wants to have the launch on its premises. So Mary will chat with Paul to find out if some of their personnel could attend the library launch as a combined effort.

Noline and Peter spoke to Helen about the layout and she is going to do this for the anthology. Noline will follow up on her requirements.

The Group agreed that the title of the anthology should be, ‘Making Waves.’ The Lifeboat folk are happy with this.

Peter reported following up on Noline’s list and setting up a manuscript. So far, we have 19,800 words, with Helen and Anna still outstanding. He estimates we will finish off with 22 – 23k words.



  • Speak to Helen about her requirements.
  • Send Peter an email copy of Anna Grogan’s poem.
  • Mail Peter Helen’s submission.
  • Check with Pauline on proofreading.
  • Go back to printers for a better quote.
  • Look for an original pamphlet on the open mike poetry event at the Library.


  • Enjoy your holiday!


  • Finish loading submissions onto the manuscript. Edit for Helen’s requirements.
  • Email Bridget for her poem.
  • Look into Dalkey Writer’s festival.

Please let me know on WhatsApp’s if I have missed anything.

Let’s Go Team!



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