Arklow Writers Group-Meeting Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Arklow Writers Group

April 18, 2023

Hello All.

Thank you for participating so enthusiastically in our meeting this last evening; it was fruitful and fun too. One way or another, I’m sure we had a consensus on the publication of the Arklow Writers Anthology. I made a few notes on our discussions and put them together here:

We have a special meeting to discuss and finalize plans for our anthology.

The meeting will be held at Mary’s home: 10 Tinahas, Arklow Y14YHAS. At 6.30pm. (past Dainty Bakery 70 yds. Next to Jenny’s Beauty shop on the right side.)

Items to be discussed (not necessarily in this order):

  • Quotes received by Noline and Mary.
  • Feedback from Mary/Noline on cover design and printer requirements.
  • Progress on member’s stories.
  • Submission of members stories.
  • Feedback from Pauline on editing and layout.
  • Feedback from Noline on Helen’s requirements.
  • Feedback from Noline on Letter to library.
  • Here is a list of promised submissions to date:
  • Name   Words       Helen McNulty   2000 Lisi Elliot   2000 Mary   3000 Noline   1500 Pete   1800 Pete   3000 John   2000 Sylvie   1480 Pauline   1000 Peter   3000 Peter   3000       Total   23,780
  • Feedback from Noline on previous members submitting.
  • Noline made mention of approaching Windfarm company regarding a workshop – Diarize?

Please let me know on WhatsApp’s if I have missed anything.

Let’s Go Team!



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