The Power of Now


A Journal Book by Eckhart Tolle

“When you are on a journey, it is certainly helpful to know where you are going… But don’t forget the only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment.”

Eckhart Tolle

My wife, Eileen, gifted me with a journal. “The Power of Now Journal” is a book by Eckhart Tolle that contains carefully chosen, inspiring quotes from his masterpiece “The Power of Now.” The journal is a brilliant resource for finding calm and presence and is the perfect companion to the world’s best-loved spiritual guide. It has beautiful illustrations and Eckhart Tolle’s inspiring text.

The journal allowed me to read Eckart Tolle’s quotes and then for me to journalize my thoughts resulting from these quotes.

July 20, 2021

Eileen had a little book on her coffee table entitled, “As a Man Thinketh.” By James Allen. I hit a fork in the road when I read this little book and decided to take the left turn.

I read many other books by New Thought authors like Wallace Wattles, Neville Goddard and then I came across Eckhart Tolle. All their books had a profound effect on my life, and I set about a journey to discover a way of higher living for myself. Higher living for me means finding peace in myself and the way I live, then encouraging others to find the same.

My journey has no destination. I live each moment along the journey one day, one hour at a time.

I no longer live for tomorrow or give serious thought about yesterday. I live just for now. Now is the real moment; the only real ‘time’ in my life. In certainty though there is no such word as time there is only now, this moment, as I pen these words.

Never in all my life have I experienced such peace and freedom. It is the most miraculous experience I have ever had.

The momentum of this experience grows with each day, I am delighted, no, thrilled, to be precise.

A note to give you clearer understanding:

I used to think of time as we all do – in terms of our human clock and calendar. My reference to time and day above is more than clock and calendar. ‘Now’ is a space in my life and is unrelated to clock time. I discovered that this space shifts with each tick of clock time. ‘Yesterday’ which is a calendar reference, I discover is simply today past. Tomorrow, which is also calendar reference, is what will become today. The separations between yesterday, today and tomorrow are clock hours with changes in day and night.

One could logically state then that the only reality must be today. But then today is shifting clock hours to tomorrow which is in reality today after the clock has ticked sufficiently.

Living in the now is the space I’m living in at any given moment. Would you agree that anyone who lives fully focused in the now moment at whatever they are doing is gaining maximum use of their life? Of course, you would – it’s only common sense.

Why am I going to all this detail?

Because it’s important to understand what I am sharing with you. I was a person who mostly experienced guilt for many of yesterday’s activities. I also worried about what was going to happen to me tomorrow. I spent too many ‘now’ hours going through these emotions.

Did I have the power to change my activities from yesterday; could I predict what would happen tomorrow? No! – I feel optimistic you will agree with my answer to these questions.

My last question is this: Why waste my precious ‘now’ hours on an issue I cannot change?

2 responses to “The Power of Now”

  1. Thanks Peter. I enjoyed your article. As Eileen stated: “Thought provoking…” As to “Why waste my precious ‘now’ hours on an issue I cannot change?” I feel that if there is something very important to be done about a particular issue, the unchangeable could become changeable… my two cents…


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