Good Friday

Today is called Good Friday. Why is this day called ‘Good’ Friday? For me, the word ‘good’ is over-used. And in that sense, the word good has no translatable definition. Go on, define the word ‘good’; I dare you.

I appreciate that dictionaries are quick to define this word in many differing expressions, but in reality, they will never succeed in genuinely coming up with a definition that pinpoints its meaning in all situations. Not like the word concrete, for instance. It would be defined as a substance resulting from various chemicals mixed in sand and stone. Try the word granite – easy to define as:

“a very hard, granular, crystalline, igneous rock consisting mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar”

Simple, right?

But the word, good is not so – it has a huge amount of definition options.

One of these would be a good mood. Fine, what does that mean? For certain an antonym of a bad mood, but neither of which you can accurately define.

For the record, the good, in the case of Good Friday, means something of deep spiritual value. Not good that Christ had to suffer torture and slow, painful death, but good that His experience resulted in a spiritual benefit for those that believe.

So now you know what Good Friday represents to certain people. But to me, it was a fairly ordinary day. E and I walked along the pier and looked at Postman Pat’s artwork on the pier walls. We said a thank you to people like Pat, who care for the posterity of the community. (Thank you, Pat) On the way back home, we stopped off to do some shopping.

Postman Pat, famous in Wicklow for his artwork given freely to the community.

Once we were home E made us a luncheon of pie and chips (and only for me) washed down with some fruity South African Sauvignon Blanc wine.

We can look back and say, “That was a good day.” 🙂

2 responses to “Good Friday”

  1. Jeshu, our Messiah, High Priest according to the order of Melchizedek that is of everlasting life, with His Holy Blood ( HE was begotten of Abba Father when the Ruach overshadowed Mary) paid the price to redeem us from an everlasting death. This is the good news of the Gospel of Jeshua our Messiah.


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