The Eyes Of A Boy

Monika’s stories are magnificently written, and this one is no exception. As I read, I knew something was going to happen -it did; not as I thought though…

Monika R. Martyn–Author

There must have been thousands standing in the rain that day. Like soldiers standing as sentries, I watched them from my window. I longed to rush out and spread a protective cape over the delicate poppies as the rain tore their fragile petals from their stems. It was an impossible task because I was weak, and there were too many. Besides, thunder and, more specifically, lightning frightened me.

The poppies had just started to bloom. Seeing them from my window was a small joy, and I felt a sense of protectiveness towards them as if they were somehow mine.


Years later, this memory anchors me to a beginning with no end.

“I hope the rain won’t pummel them all,” I said as the heat of my breath fogged the cool glass.

My voice was weak from not speaking for hours on end, other than…

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