Monika Martyn is a gifted writer in the truest sense. More than this, she has been both an example and an encouragement in applying this gift – through hard work and determination mostly.

Monika R. Martyn–Author

Whenever Emmerson entered, a perceptible shift occurred in the room’s atmosphere. He was used to it. But after all those years, the gasping and staring still made him uncomfortable.

He dreaded those small gasps that intruded on conversations and hung in the air or when people stopped and stared without wanting to be caught. The chilling hush. It had been happening since he was a small child. And as bad as the attention was, it was worse when they reached out to touch him without permission.

“How’s it going?” Emmerson set his refillable mug on the counter.

“Good. You Em?”

Dorothy no longer saw him as he was. She saw him as a young man with ambition, good manners, and dreams of being like everyone else. With her back turned to him, she slipped a few extra mini-donuts into the box. It was her only way of saying she cared…

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