Fork in The Road

When we reach a fork in the road ahead, we are forced to decide: Which road do I take? As surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, so will the fork in the road appear tomorrow. Often it appears many times in the day.

When faced with this decision, we have two choices; take the right fork, which is remaining on the same road with which we are familiar. And along this, we alternate between happiness and misery at differing times. Or do we take the left fork?. The left fork represents the road less traveled, the road of change and unfamiliarity. The road of the unknown.

At the point of confronting the fork and facing a decision, how do we decide? For the most part, we rely on our minds to make our decision. The mind, of course, has a voice. That voice is called ‘the ego.’ The ego is the voice of our bodyguard, protecting us from natural dangers, perceived failures, and potential embarrassments.

Wait, there’s more. There is within each of us another voice. The voice of God-Within-Me. This voice is always speaking. It is the voice of a true lifeguard, protecting both body and soul from any form of harm. It does not protect us from potential failures or embarrassments because it does not speak that language. Unlike the voice of the ego, G-W-M offers guidance, training, encouragement, and above all – never failing trustworthy friendship, available 24/7.

The voice of G-W-M is authentic; the voice of the ego is a bot manufactured by people and events outside you over your lifetime.

I have one life and one body in which to live this life. So I will live this life to the full, never defining myself by others and events outside of me. I will care for my life and my body. This I will do by acting on the voice of God-Within-Me.

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