Vince-The Plan


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This is the plan, the chickens coming to roost, Vince thought.

Wind buffeted the late night; it began to drizzle, the cold drops spattering onto Vince’s face. Under the lamppost, he cut a ghostly figure. “Hi, Vince.”

“You’re late!” Vince grumbled.

“I know. Got laid up at the factory.” Gordon sounded almost cheerful. “Couldn’t you have found a better venue?”

“Piss off, will you? There are eyes and ears everywhere; out here, we are on our own.”

“Yeah, I get it, bleedin cold though, eh?” “what’s the pitch, mate?”

“We move in tomorrow at dawn. The warehouse only has one alarm system. From outside, we cut the mains, then come in through the roof. From there, the battery backup is accessible. Once disabled, it’s all go.”

“Do we have a location on the goods?”

“Sure, that’s mapped and easily accessed at the far end of the warehouse.”

“Where did you get the layout details?” Gordon was now showing signs of concern.

“Does it matter?”

“Feck you, of course, it matters! My life’s on the line here.” Beads of sweat were now visible on Gordon’s face, even in the poor lamplight.

“Join the team, mate; we’re all in the same boat. Team being the word, each of us has a part.”

“Yeah, right, how come I haven’t met the others then?

“You don’t need to meet them. You drive the van in, pick up the stuff, I join you, and we head for delivery simple.”

“The others?”

“They head in other directions.”

“From there?”

“You and I do the delivery. I get the dough, give you your share, drop you off at your spot, and we split ways.”

“Where will you go, Vince?

“Look, Gordon, the less each team member knows, the better. But I will ditch the van, meet the others, pay them out, and we each take to our different routes. Listen to me now. My advice to you is this. Don’t go back to your place. Take a taxi cross country. From there, catch the ferry and finally take a plane overseas, Don’t come back, ever!”

“Looks like a frikken long way to take a trip. Why don’t I jump on a plane from the first?”

“Gordon, you thickhead, think for a second. A long way around is a long way to trace, and we can’t leave any trace!”

“Yeah, you’re right, that’s frikken smart mate, cool.”

“Wake up, will you. It will be tickets for the rest of us if just one gets caught. Poof, goes our lolly, and we sit in the cooler for a few years. The feds have had a fair deal of practice with this stuff. They know how to extract information from the likes of us.” Vince went on. “You think on that boyo, have it fixed in your face all the time, one goes, all go, right? Let’s move.”

“Cut, cut, well-done guys, great scene! Let’s get the cameras and stuff packed up. Hot food and pints at the pub then, move, move.”

The Director was satisfied with the scene; no re-shoot was necessary.

When I do not see the results of what I want coming about in my life, I give up, often on the brink of these being realized. They would have fallen into my lap if I had been patient.

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