Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


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They lay together in the warmth of their spooned embrace; breathing slowly now, the embers of passion subsiding, she smiled with closed eyes as he held her close. Together they drifted to a cozy misty place of slumber. He wanted to remember that moment forever. Even in his torment of hearing, she had given herself to another; he wished to see her just one more time. Wisdom visited him in a dream one night, warning that should his wish be granted, his best memory would be traded for his worst. The day came when his wish was granted and he gazed at her from a distance, beautiful, happy, in the arms of another. He looked at her with grief in his heart. She turned briefly, looking into his eyes with no recognition of who he was; she lifted her face and kissed the other man. At that moment, his wish, his dream, had turned into a pillar of salt! In our lives, there is only one reality, an opportunity for enjoying love, peace, and joy in this moment now;  dreams of yesterday do not matter, and tomorrow does not exist until it becomes today. Seek only this moment in which you are living now.

If you keep peeling an onion, what do you have once it has all been peeled – a peeled onion. The important matter is this, did you enjoy peeling it, because it seems you are crying?

“Faith is the unconditional acceptance of something you are wanting has already come about, even though you don’t see it for the moment.

Very little of what you want in your life will come about if you do not believe in what you want in your life.

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