Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


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“Two mature ladies sat under a great oak tree on an old bench. “Do you live here?” The one enquired. “Five minutes down the road, ” the other replied joyfully, grateful to have someone she could chat with. “I have lived here all my life, she continued.” “Ever traveled to another country or city?” “Never was inclined to do that.” “Oh! Any reason if you don’t mind me asking?” “Not at all. I was born in this town, baptized in the church over the road. All my schooling was completed in the town and then I married the only man I have ever loved in the same church over there.” Any children?” “Yes, one son.” Is your husband in business?” “No, fully retired,” “oh!” Yes, he died just after our son’s tenth birthday.” “Oh, how sad, I am sorry.” “No need, at 19 years my son joined the forces in Vietnam and I never saw him again.” “That must have been a terrible shock for you. You poor thing.” “A shock, yes, but it didn’t leave me poor. I had a man who loved me dearly. He gifted me with his life and blessed me with a son. My son was a fine young man, a bright scholar, and a top athlete. He loved and cared for his mother until he responded to his country’s call.” The silence between them was broken when the other woman looked up at the oak tree, “Beautiful tree, love the shade it gives; I wonder how old it is?” She remarked. “Forty-six years, five months, two weeks, and three days, to be exact.” What! How do you know that?” “I planted the little acorn in memory of the only two men I have ever loved. It took a lot of patience waiting for it to grow this big, so I could fully enjoy its shade. You know the old saying, ‘Great Trees from little acorns grow.’ But there’s no mention of how long it takes.” Silence. The moment was almost sacred.”

“When I was young I did all the talking. Now that I am older I have stopped talking and begun listening. I am learning so much more.”

“When I address anyone I have four non-negotiables I require of myself. I speak honestly, respectfully, empathetically, and with an understanding of what the other is needing to hear.”

“I have two choices in the way I speak; words that will encourage others or words that will break them down. Whatever I choose, will leave me responsible for the outcome.”

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