Imagine-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


Feature Photo by Samuel Wong

Imagine if a genie appeared in my life and offered me a choice of any artistic gift I would desire. I know I would choose writing. Above all my experiences, writing has been the most fulfilling. The freedom of sitting down and climbing into the massive world of what I can imagine. Then to start tapping on the keys, watching the words form.  Finally, watching the birth of a story. It’s heaven.

The more I experience in my life, the more my Mother’s words return to me. She must have known something.

My experience has been; it’s not how long the road is, it’s a matter of how much you enjoy the journey.

Dreams are beautiful images to live with. Who knows, the day may yet come when they cannot be disputed.

I find that many experiences I have are like a treasure hunt. After searching I discover the benefits I gain are often as good as gold.

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