I Fly Solo-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.

First Solo

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On this earth I will live life to the full, yet will I take my wings and fly high as well. As a result, the higher, I fly the more I can see. Above all, seeing is the fruit of believing.

I see miracles daily, They are all around me in the most eye-opening forms. As a consequence, the moment I gained awareness, my eyes were opened to many miracles in my life.

I can never say that I know someone or something for certain, not even myself.

My dreams are important to my onward journey. Above all, I need to keep them before my eyes; I need to sharpen my focus. As I focus, I generate energy into my dreams and cause them to materialize. The fact is that focusing requires a certain skill and I work on this skill daily. The benefits are encouraging.

I was recently given an assignment; to study Ogden Nash and then using his style, write a few poems of my own. This was a first for me and as a result, I wrote rather a long piece (which I never presented for the assignment) just to share with you, a special event in my life:

My First Solo.

Once I was earthbound and rather sad.

I was not happy with this, it made me quite mad.

One day I saw an airplane alighting into the sky.

She seemed like a feather as she climbed up high

I said to me, this is where you should be

In that plane, flying, that will be me.

I found an instructor, who beckoned me to follow

Delighted, in his steps I was aglow.

High into the sky, we alighted

And I became exceedingly frighted.

No matter said he, take the controls and see

That before long a pilot you shall be.

One day he climbed out of the plane

Telling me to fly, I said you’re insane

I was terrified you see

To fly all by myself, just me!

The plane wanted to fly

Being much afraid I could not see why

She leaped off the runway

As I felt my tummy heading toward my lower-way

My fears were then allayed

As my instructions I obeyed

And soon I was sailing in the still blue

The plane was happy too.

I was yelling, I can fly, I can fly

As free as a bird through the sky

Then a voice told me it was time to land

To herald my arrival I expected a band

As her wheels kissed the tarmac

I said, now you are a pilot; pat on the back.

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