Christmas-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


Feature Photo by Deleece Cook

Sometimes messages of encouragement come to us with a bang. Consider the Christmas cracker; you pull, it bangs and hey-ho, out pops an encouraging message on a little piece of paper! Happy Christmas

Opportunities always seem to arrive tomorrow for me. This is quite beneficial, as tomorrow the fog would have lifted from my eyes and I will see them clearly.

I’m shocked to discover how many habits I have created in my life. Then I read that, thoughts are the mothers of habits. Little wonder I have so many habits, I must be an overthinker.

Never waste your time scratching around with old family documents, you never know what you might find. What if you discovered, even though your grandmother went to church every Sunday, she was a bank robber? Old documents are like old thoughts; best left in the attic.

Firstly, I find ‘To-Do’ lists work very well for me, keeping my life in a state of organized ‘chaos.’ Next, and just as necessary, I prioritize my list and do what is important first, then the urgent. I discovered, not all urgent matters are important. Now, this system really works for me. The given is, will I discipline myself to apply it?

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