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I have read, “Faith can move mountains.” The question I have is this, “Once moved, where do I relocate them? Most importantly I have discovered, moving mountains is one thing, relocating them is another.

I changed things in my life after a very meaningful lesson. To start with, every relationship I experienced over the years irrespective of whether it was business, life partnership, or friendships, needed support. Most importantly, they had to be founded on three pillars: Love, transparency, and respect. However, I must explain the word love and the context in which I use the word: Agape (Greek) means the love we have for our fellow humans. Fileo (Greek) means the love we have for parents, children, and siblings. Eros (Greek) Means romantic love.

We are made of all those who have built and broken us. (Atticus Finch Quote from To Kill a Mockingbird.) What if we are not so much built and broken by others as we are built and broken by how we respond to their building and breaking of us?

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